Newspaper Feature- Mari Ellis Dunning

Inspired by ‘The Gruffalo’, Mari Ellis Dunning has written a book of her own.

‘Percy the Pompom Bear’ which will be available in both English and Welsh which sees Percy, a purple creature who lives in the woods and struggles to fit in, meet a little boy who has a great idea! The two soon becomes friend and set off on an adventure around the forest

The book will be a Rhyming story which is “Quite easy and simple with lots of pictures and colours to it” and targets Children from an age range of three to six years.

The book will be officially launched at the Abergavenny Writing Festival on the 23rd of April, where she will run an all day stall and perform a lively reading of the story.

She has urged any local parents to bring their children along saying “Reading books at a young age is very important for Children,”

The young author has said that the book may be particularly inspiring for children who feel that they struggle to fit in, or children with learning difficulties as it is all about uniqueness and self-acceptance.

Mari, who studied at Aberystwyth University has likened her style of writing to that of Julia Donaldson.

In March Mari received First Place in the Terry Hetherington Young Writers award – a prestigious award based in Swansea, and before that came third in the Robin Reeves award for young writers.

Mari has said that she is very excited for the launch of her first book also saying that “everything comes out through my writing,”

Mari has said that there will be a sequel to her first book which will be called ‘Percy gets poorly’.

She is also hoping to have the Novel ‘Quiet Bones’, which is aimed at adults, published in the terminal stages of this year.

Mari has said to all young aspiring writers “Don’t let fear hold you back, write anything and everything, refuse to let people tell you that you’re wrong”.




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